Bullying is instrumental aggression that targets weaker peers. Schools, parents, communities are all struggling to find ways to reduce the degree to which our children are hurting each other. Another blogger on wordpress has put together some links to websites that are reaching out to all those involved. Check out her post and her experience. I like that resources because they remind everyone who is involved that they are not alone. We we feel accepted and supported we are much more likely to be able to make the changes we need to make.

It is important to recognize that it is wrong for children to be targeted — they did not bring this on themselves. At the same time, victimized children must find ways of coping with what has happened to them. The consequences of not coping are very very serious. Most kids who are suffering can get help and can take actions to reduce their exposure and risk. They won’t do that if they think they are to blame because they become overwhelmed with shame and fear.

Check out Lynn’s blog and the resources. Ask a child about her experiences. Help make this a topic that we talk about and feel empowered to change.

What did you do today to reduce someone’s risk for exposure to violence? Did you resolve a conflict? Did you turn off the TV? Did you help a child understand their feelings or solve a problem?