This week the US Supreme Court ruled that while children can be barred by State law from access to sexual images without violating their rights, they cannot be legally barred from access to violent video games.

For the record, Justice Antonin Scalia believes that States have the right to protect from harm but that the California law is a “free floating restriction of exposure to ideas.” Scalia equated the video games to the exposure to violence found in fables and fairy tales.

Justice Clarence Thomas dissented and said this is a wrongful interpretation of the founding fathers. There was no right granted to children for access to all speech. You can read about this at the Huffington Post site — where I got this information.

I hope that the law makers find a way to craft the law so that it appeases some of the Court’s concerns. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that violent video games are harmful to children and adolescents — especially without parental guidance.  There is anecdotal evidence that we can all be harmed. Violent video games are used by the military to reduce soldier’s aversion to hurting others. Parent’s were permitted in all cases to purchase these games for their children and teens. Now the kids can decide for themselves.

When you teach your children how to think about exposure to violence, remember that you are teaching them to make choices. They may find themselves in a situation that requires them to make a choice way to early.

I am sorry that we have been burdened by this.