Few of you know this, I am a former swimmer. This makes both Andrews important to me. Andrew Willis is an Olympic Swimmer from Great Britain. There is another Andrew Willis and, despite his very British English, he is an American Champion.

I have just returned from a series of meetings, presentations, lunches, dinners, and parties. I have learned even more, made new friends – including Andrew Willis. I have thought of new ideas, heard honest stories of pain and release, heard of amazing community partnerships that make a world of difference for victims and families confronting violence. This all took place in San Diego CA at the National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence and at the International Violence, Abuse, & Trauma conference. I have attended for three years.

Dorothy Espelage, PhD. was at the meeting this year. She brought some of her research and her tremendous leadership and energy as a Co-Chair of the National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence this year. She was in place of Dr. Jacqueline White to allow Dr. White is free to work as a Congressional Fellow for the American Psychological Association. I have written about just a little of Dr. Espelage’s work on bullying in schools. She has also done work on preventing sexual violence at colleges. Click here to learn more.

I made new friends , I do every year that I attend. All of these individuals devote a significant amount of their time and energy to protecting victims, to stopping violence, to healing.

Today. I want you to meet Mr. Andrew Willis, CEO and co-founder at the Stop Abuse Campaign. He is a force in the effort to bring abuse out into to the open. He wants to make sure that we are putting our efforts into stopping not hiding violence.

Here are some ways to get to know him. Make a public pledge to Stop Abuse. I have joined him and I hope that you will also. If you click the link below, you will have the opportunity to pledge to stop abuse. Maybe, you will want to donate some money or subscribe to keep abreast of his work.


If you’d like to know Andrew, you can hear him testify to congress and speak to celebrities. Asking them to join the effort and explaining why we cannot afford not to put abuse first. Click here to hear him speak:

Together we can raise safe kids. You can make your community safer. The numbers tell us it is happening everywhere. The news reminds us, it is right under our noses.