Let me be a little selfish. I am sad, indulge me. This week a wonderful man, a great teacher, an admirable scientist has died. Christopher Peterson passed away on Tuesday suddenly in his home.

Chris was my first mentor. He introduced me to the science of how things go awry. Chris taught me to learn the facts, to study the science, and to appreciate the suffering of people. He did not tell me to avoid judging  people, he taught and will continue to teach us that all people have strengths, no matter what they have suffered.

I knew Chris as a professor and as a friend. Chris, like me, has a twin. My heart breaks when I think of his brother, who likely survives him. In honor of Chris, go back to my earlier post. Take the Virtues and Strengths Inventory. Bring your best self to rest of us. Let us provide care for  you when you suffer pain, fear, or frustration.

Chris, rest in peace, I hope you know what a difference you have made.

Peace, Kelly

You can read Chris’ last blog post here: Awesome: E Pluribus Unum.