How much news coverage is OK for children? | Your Mind Your Body.

This piece was written by a pediatric psychologist who has been a key clinical provider and researcher in the area of trauma and children. She was in Oklahoma City at the time of the bombing and during the recovery. She is currently training clinicians around the globe to support families exposed to war and violence. Take a moment to read her piece. It is a key step to reducing your own child’s exposure to violence.

At this moment those of us in the metro Boston area are in a state of lockdown or semi-lock down. If you are in that situation you have a lot to manage for your children.  I don’t know your feelings at this time nor your children’s feelings.  What is important is that you try to see these events through your children’s eyes and that you take action to ensure that they feel safe in your home.  Minimize their exposure to potential threats and keep them present.

Older children will have many questions if they are locked in houses, hearing police, and military professionals. Your job is to answer their questions and

Here are some more tips very important prevention ideas.

Psychiatrist: Tips For Edgy Parents At Home In Lockdown Mode With Kids | CommonHealth.

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Kelly Champion, PhD ABPP