For the RSK_Group Members: The current plan is to come together on Sat. Feb 19 at 2 pm. I’ve heard from a few of you but if you cannot make it say something. I want to plan this so that we can all be together! If you leave a comment others will know who is coming.

For all of you: today, you may be inside. Notice the safety of your home. Plan the day of no plans. Help make today a day of peace and security in your warm home. Let go of frustrations and disappointments. Can you find something special about today? Is there something you will miss when the roads clear and the world comes back into your home.

Look at the world through your child’s eyes. What do they want today to look like? Can you meet them party way? It is a good day for reading, for games, for making a big pot of soup, for watching a movie together, for playing in the snow.

Let it be: Let is snow. Kelly