Need a Reason?

It is that time again. It is National Screen Free Week April 30 – May 6, 2012.  This is a great chance to see just how much time in front of screens has drifted into your daily life.

What will happen, if you and the kids give up screen time for one week? Hey, it is after the Bruin’s playoffs. Will you lose track of your friends? Can you predict what life would be like, if when you are working, you are at work and when you with your kids, you are with the kids? No screens at the table, in the den, in the bedroom! Would you lose a pound? Gain 5 hours of sleep? Notice the spring?

An article by the Mark Pattison of the Catholic News Service lists some of the many health, educational, and community organizations that are promoting this even. Screen time has been taking a horrific toll on our children’s health. The only way to see what happens when the screen is off is to turn it off. Take a big risk!  I know you can do it!

This will reach even further, if you do with others. Check out the resources at Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood on organizing your neighborhood, your school, your church, your temple, your parent group, your book club.

I know you will be on screens for work and the kids for school — now we use screens for reading (not sure if we should count Kindle type devices). There will be challenges and exceptions. It is a week. Seven days of deciding to find something else to do.

We can learn to control our environment. We can model the restraint we want our children to practice. If you have a 100 rules for the kids and TV but turn on your shows the second their lights go out, what do you think they will really do when they grow up? Let’s just give it a shot.