I am really looking forward to the returning and new faces when we come together on Monday for our second meeting.  I hope you have had the opportunity to practice responding and noticing reactions this week and look forward to sharing.

Listening is so very important. Kids think differently from adults but they can be pretty perceptive even when they lack the language to talk about it.  They can also be pretty uncritical and they depend on us to help them think through what they have been exposed to.

One of my daughter’s said that she was “no good at reading or math because her teacher said that kids who are working on this project are not good at math and so also aren’t good at reading.”  My first thoughtless reaction is to imagine pulling her from her class. BUT I know that this is not what the teacher said. This particular teacher has clear and high expectations that every kid will meet the tasks that she assigns. I have evidence from my own experience. My second reaction is to say that my child’s conclusions are ridiculous. You (dear child) are wrong.I know better than you.

How do you think that will work? What do you think might be an effective response?

When kids have to tools to examine all the events and thoughts that are making them feel vulnerable they will be better prepared to ask for our help with solving problems.  Kelly