My deepest congratulations to Nancy and Keen. I feel so very blessed to be a part of their lives.

Djuna (Joo-na) Grant Tewksbury was born Dec 19th. Earlier than expected and healthy. Nancy and Keen are shining brightly and performed beautifully in the December 24th First Church Christmas Pageant. Little Djuna was absolutely silent and as beautiful as you can imagine. Her performance as the King of Kings was stunning and may portend a great career.

When Keen expressed his appreciation for the group again, I felt the presence of all of the parents who were part of the Raising Safe Kids group. You lift each other out of the challenges of parenting. When we gather together to talk honestly about ways to make the world safer, I feel empowered to be a better parent, a better person. I hope that all of you carry that feeling with you.

I met a woman last week who feels completely isolated in her efforts to protect her 11 year old son. His friends have extremely violent video games. His friends’ parents are her friends but they are not willing to listen to her concerns. They will not join her in eliminating violence from play. I encouraged her to see our blog. I want her to hear your voices to know that she is not alone. She feels like she is the only person in her parish, in her children’s school, in her community that believes children need to be protected. It is so hard to take a different path. It can be challenging to convince yourself to take a stand and not feel helpless in the face of so much popularized violence. If we are to really keep it up, we have to do it together.

I feel blessed to have been invited into everyone’s family. Thank you again for your honest participation. Everyone has a role.

Kelly Champion