I am so pleased to see that a group of people check out these pages. You make a difference every time you share your commitment to reducing the risk that a child will be exposed to violence by sharing a resource.

I have heard from some readers off-line about feelings of shame and isolation. When we are alone, we are more likely to think that everything is different for everybody else. We judge ourselves as good or bad and expect that others will judge us. The people who attended Raising Safe Kids learned that everyone struggles. They learned that it helps to have someone support you and that there are many sympathetic and supportive shoulder available. Learning and practicing positive and safe parenting is hard work. It requires a lot of attention and there really is not a lot of time to feel horrible about the past.

Instead be present with your kids. Find a way to improve the moment. Plan for next time. Get active in your community. There are easy ways such as a donation to the organization for a commercial free childhood, talked about elsewhere in the blog; participate in the bullying prevention program at your school; support a food shelf so the victim of violence knows there are resources to help.

Here is a really easy way: Make a comment on this page in response.  Tell me what’s on your mind. What do you want to know more about? I’ll do my best to respond

Kelly Champion, Ph.D.