I am grateful to every person that was involved with the ACT Rising Safe Kids workshop: Yuliana, Dennis, Debbie, Devon, and every parent who came to our meetings or visited these pages. I would not be able to make a difference for anyone if you were not here with me. I learned so much from the thoughts, questions, and challenges. I feel proud and excited by the passion that parents and my co-leaders raised. I am confident that your voices will lead this project forward and we will not stop because of your passion. I loved meeting some of you. Thank you for joining us here if you were not in workshop. I look forward to hearing from you.

Okay, now for the rest of what happens during the holidays. Growing up I did not like the holidays, for me family time was full of frustration and disappointment. There were too many shoulds. My mother would have an idea of how we were supposed to feel but as she took on all the responsibility of making the ideal holiday. Early in the day she would be frustrated and sad. When I look back I can see that there is no other way it could have turned out. The day was time-pressured, wonderfully extravagant, and overwhelming for one person. Her feelings about the day, however, took precedence over all of the amazing foods and rituals of the day and defined my experience of holidays at home.

Today and for the rest of the season remember that your children are always learning. If you are celebrating Thanksgiving or just a day off, they way that you are responding to them and to the demands is teaching your child what it feels like to be together.

Sometimes the holidays get away from us and we are confronted with loneliness and anxiety. We see only those people who have what we do not. We struggle because there is always something to buy to make the day better. Let us stay in reality: there will be challenges and we can cope with our feelings, our children’s feelings, and even solve some of the problems.   Below you will find a link to another site if you need some help with dealing with family stress, financial stress or kids demands.

http//www.apa.org/help center/holiday-coping.asp

Blessings to all.