I live very close to Boston. One of my favorite experiences is a dramatic view of the Boston skyline from close to my home. Today, our annual celebration of freedom in an international contest of endurance and diverse athleticism was shattered by a violence and death today. We are shaken once again by acts of violence too close to the devastating losses in Newtown, Connecticut.

I would not dare to and cannot tell anyone where they will find peace nor when. This is the time to be shaken and to feel horror and fear and to notice that a few of us are suffering oh so much more. Most of us — almost all of us — are with our loved ones. We are safe and secure in another day together with those closest to us. We draw our loved ones close while our hearts shatter and weep for the people most directly effected – for those in hospitals or worse who have said their last goodbyes. I do not want to live in a world where horror and loss of human life does not matter.

I do know where I find peace. I find it where I look for it. I find in the people who will stand with me in the face of violence ready to listen, to help, to try to make change so that there is a little less violence and a little more compassion. I know that violence is in my world. I know the power and the devastation that we can enact on each other. I also intimately know the love, the joy, the chaotic hold that we have on each other. I know that I find peace in the incredible and limitless ways that we love and care for each other.

Hold fast to those you love. Go into the world together and find warriors of peace to stand with you. Reach out to those most vulnerable and defenseless. Each day is an opportunity to say, I will not be the victim of terror and shy away from those people in my home, my community, my town, my village, my city. 

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