There are a few people that I have spoken to who have been satisfied and some who are less than satisfied in their efforts to find therapy for their child. I’ve attached an e-mail about a reporter who would like to write a story about children and therapy. If you are willing to share your story, send her a note.

Subject: Has your child begun therapy only to find out it’s the wrong kind?

Hi All,

I was speaking to a Boston Globe reporter today who would love to interview a parent or two.  She is writing a story about the different kinds of mental health therapy, the different kinds of people who provide it and how to match it to your — or your child’s needs.

Maybe your were new at this and you tried to figure out what kind of therapy to use?  It’s pretty obvious that psychiatrists are the only one that prescribe, but what if you want group therapy? Or couples therapy?  Or the therapy you hear about doesn’t sound like the right one.

Have you had to give yourself a crash course in which therapy is which?  Maybe tried one thing and stopped it?

This is not about the wrong person, but more about the right kind of therapy or type of professional.

Sound like you?  Send an email to Patty Wen at


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