What do you think should be happening on TV, radio, internet outlets? Do these venues deserve unrestricted access to your home? Should the only limits be on what is most financially successful?

There are groups of people interested in pushing back on the ways in which the airwaves grant solicitors and business unfettered access to our attention and most importantly our the attention of our children. Did you know that 80% of advertising on childrens’ shows are for high calorie low nutrition foods? Foods are branded and cartoon stories are woven between the programming.

It is always a good idea to watch with your children and teens. It makes a difference if you are there to discuss your views. Still, sometimes that is impossible when you are talking about teens and working parents.

Some people even believe that they have a right to object to lewd content on network stations and basic cable stations during the typical child viewing times. Other people just want a chance to know what is happening. Two organizations devote themselves to educating parents about television content, advocacy efforts, and alternatives in recognition of the challenges that parents face trying to manage television content. Check out these two resources:

Parents’ Choice Foundation
Parents’ Television Council