We are a community of people who are joined together in our commitment to reduce the risk of exposure to violence in our world. So, I come to you to share my feelings. Analysis will have to wait. I am very saddened by the tragedy in Tuscon.

It was so close to me that I needed a little time to label my feelings. I have lived in Arizona. I have walked through the Trader Joe’s and witnessed an armed citizen carrying is gun while shopping for frozen food. I have children and step-children close the ages of some of the victims. I have colleagues and friends who work in law enforcement, court rooms, and judges chambers. My husband has friends who came to our wedding less than four years ago and who live within walking distance of the horrific murders that took place this weekend. The youngest victim was under ten years old. There were several people who courageously stand up for justice and do not flee the very difficult questions of balancing rights and rules and human lives who will no longer be available to serve the communities in which they live.

The events are very sad. There are people whose lives today are ruined with grief and fear. There are others who are grasping for evidence that they cannot be touched by violence — even while they live in a violent culture. Analysis can wait. We can talk about social science and cause and effect later. Yesterday, today, and for a little while longer we grieve. We hold our community close we take the extra step to end all violence in our words, our actions, and our fantasies. It can go so wrong so quickly and so completely.

Peace, Kelly