The website was founded by Kelly M Champion, Ph.D, ABPP, a psychologist who is American Board Certified in Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology. She is a youth and family advocate for violence prevention and interventions to reduce the harm of violence, a researcher studying school bullying, a clinician, and a clinical supervisor. 

This website is for parents and professionals who wish to come together to talk, discuss, and share information on the topics of raising our children in safe environments, away from exposure to violence in the media, community, school, and home.

We are a diverse and accepting group. We welcome comments that reflect respect and support. Join our discussions and our mission.

She works for Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates as a psychologist and has a small private practice in Lexington for information call 781-552-6500.






This Blog is the direct result of a initial gathering for the ACT Raising Safe Kids Workshop in Somerville Massachusetts.


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